About 121 drilling

121 Drilling, a turnkey business approach to Drilling Projects.

  • Winter Breeze Trading 121 (PTY) Ltd t/a 121 Drilling
  • Irwing 933 CC t/a 121 Drilling

The current directors of these companies are AM Robbertze and M Robbertze.

Although 121 Drilling was only established in 2006, Albert Robbertze, one of the Directors , recruited some of the best Drilling Specialists, Drilling Operators and Drill Rig Builders in the Industry. Thus ensuring that with the combined skills contained in the 121 Drilling team, the company is at an advantage to deliver drilling solutions – fast and efficiently. By ensuring that all company procedures are tested and streamlined at our head office in Rayton, Pretoria, our clients have peace of mind that their drilling projects get done on time – every time.

121 Drilling currently have three newly build Drilling Rigs operating in the Republic of South Africa. The Drilling fleet consists of:

  • 2010 SAMAG 120 THOR mounted Atlas Copco compressor
  • 2019 Powerstar truck with a THOR drill mounted and a ELG1 Compressor mounted on a trailor
  • 2020 Renult truck with a THOR 5000 drill mounted with a Kiloscar Compressor


These Drilling rigs are supported by various support vehicles which are well equipped to handle any breakdown or emergency. Thanks to a strenuous maintenance program at our Rayton Workshop, breakdowns are minimised to an absolute minimum, ensuring that our drilling schedule is not interrupted.

Services not provided by 121 Drilling are outsourced to reputable partners, who in turn have strict quality control measures in place, to ensure that the turnkey service our clients receive from 121 Drilling are of the highest standard. This also enables 121 Drilling to supply a one point of contact for the whole Drilling Project.

With our robust and reliable equipment, and a team with more than enough skills and experience, we are able to deliver on your Drilling Project. Contact us now and let’s get your drilling done.